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Nourish Me is partnering with Functional U to offer personalized health programs for individuals who want to practice preventative health and optimize youthful function. Jill and Jay will create a nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to you and your health goals, and will provide you with ongoing support to help you succeed.

What members are saying

” Brain Fog Be Gone. Jay and Jill provided the attention and advice that I needed to understand where I was in my personal journey. During the first consult, I finally understood the true picture of my health in the last two decades, and received both details and advice about how to achieve my goals of weight loss, address premenopausal symptoms and prevent elevated blood sugars from my future! I lost 17 pounds in the first 3 months.  Also, I don’t feel tired anymore in the middle of the day but only when it’s time to sleep.  I do not seek a large coffee or smoothie around 3pm to give me more energy. I am so grateful for the invaluable service they gave. “

– Gloria C. –

” I feel so much better!  My memory has improved, and I feel more youthful ” 

– Shelli C. –

” As I went through menopause I found my jeans didn’t fit anymore, hated the muffin top I was developing, felt very uncomfortable, out of shape, lethargic, just couldn’t shake the last 10 lbs no matter what I did. Jill and Jay developed an easy to follow program, and the rest is history.  I just turned 60 and never looked or felt better! Lost 10 lbs effortlessly within a few weeks, my vitality increased, energy through the roof, happier, and the best part, no muffin top! Jill and Jay are the best team for getting me back to my happy, healthy, slim self! “

– Fotini B. –

Jill Schmelke

Jill Schmelke

Owner, Nourish Me

Jill Schmelke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Nourish Me. Jill is a journalist turned health advocate, researcher and nutritionist. Her own family’s health concerns motivated her to look for answers outside traditional medical pathways. 

Her years of research increased her own family’s health and wellness. Now she empowers her clients by breaking down the vast and conflicting health information that is overwhelmingly available.

She provides individualized, relatable and essential knowledge to her clients. With this they are able to build sustainable habits to increase their vitality and health. Jill specializes in helping clients with weight management and preventative health by rebalancing nutrition to support their high-stress lifestyles. 

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Jay Cowin

Jay Cowin

Owner, Functional U

Jay’s own health journey began at an early age when he was diagnosed with a rare disease. Through his own research and fortitude, Jay was able to rebalance and recover his health. He now shares his extensive knowledge freely with his clients. His experience in the area of individualized healthcare led him to become the Director of Formulation for supplements at where he is also a member of the scientific advisory board.

Jay’s journey transpired into him becoming an advocate for himself and others. He can best be described as a “health detective”. His true calling and passion is to help others who are sick and not finding help through traditional pathways. 

Jay is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Registered Nutritional Counsellor. He is also a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and Sports/Functional Medicine/Nutritionist Advisor at Functional U. 

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